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Why Might A Company Decide to Consolidate Or Relocate A Data Center?

Have you been thinking of making a change to your organization’s IT footprint recently or considering a migration but thought it too difficult a task? …

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Tranforming Telephone Closets into Modern Network Centers

In most buildings constructed before the turn of the century, tenants are fighting a losing battle trying to adapt legacy analog telephone closets to serve …


The Proper Steps for a Successful Data Center Migration

Data Center migrations are high profile projects because they are risky.  Worries about lost data and excessive downtime haunt executives, users and data center managers …


Case Study: Federal Agency Data Center Consolidation

In 2011, a U.S. government client retained Compu Dynamics to consolidate their data centers and deliver a more efficient and effective information technology platform. Compu …


Is Co-Location The Right Choice for Your Data Center?

Today’s data center managers face a variety of challenges.  On any given day, they are expected to come up with ways to: Reduce costs Improve …

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