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Beam In!

Compu Dynamics has accepted delivery of one of the region’s first Beam Remote Presence devices, to be on display in our new Sterling, Virginia showroom.  This revolutionary product enables truly effective face to face collaboration among globally distributed team members.  Historically, theart of working productively with co-workers who are separated by great distances has relied heavily upon video and tele-conferencing systems.  The makers of the Beam Remote Presence System, Suitable Technologies of Palo Alto, California, have developed this next generation platform to eliminate some of the inherent drawbacks of traditional long-distance cooperation.  Connecting with people over the internet has never been more effortless and enjoyable.

Compu Dynamics would like to extend an invitation to the local business and government community to visit our Sterling office and see Beam for yourself.  Appointment may be made by calling 703-796-6070 or sending an email to

Find out more about Suitable Technologies and the Beam Remote Telepresence Device at

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