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From turnkey white space fit outs to enterprise racks and colocations to SCIFs, and the spaces in between, we’re ready to take the guesswork out of how you will be uptime in no time. Whether you are looking for complete design-build solutions or simple turnkey installations, we are here to help you not only meet today’s demands but be prepared for tomorrow’s requirements.


Fast-growing hyperscalers need data center solution partners who can match their pace and deliver the resources needed for future-ready solutions. Compu Dynamics is North America’s premier end-to-end solutions provider who delivers on-time and on-budget, all while meeting today’s demands and preparing for tomorrow’s requirements. By starting at the beginning of your design, our team works seamlessly with you to ensure a cost-effective, future-proof design to take on today’s demands while anticipating tomorrow’s requirements.

Colocation Providers

As data center demand continues to grow at an exponential rate, today’s colocation providers offer one of the quickest paths to turnkey operations. Compu Dynamics partners with the world’s leading colocation providers to help them meet increasing demands for capacity and technical services.

From big data to AI to the Cloud, our team of dedicated industry professionals brings you state-of-the-art innovative solutions that future-proof your investment. Our in-house team brings decades of experience to your project. They have the ability to work in parallel with your general contractor rather than sequentially, which allows us to create solutions that not only meet your evolving needs but adapt to a constantly changing environment. Our ability to self-perform and augment your general contractor’s team ensures your project is uptime in no time.


For enterprise companies, the data center needs pose unique situations and challenges. Questions to think about include the need for a dedicated facility versus colocation, migration of legacy systems, along with specialized designs which all need to be maintained while taking into account evolving requirements and the ever-increasing need for integration. 

No matter how your office place is evolving, Compu Dynamics works closely with you to ensure you have a connected IT enterprise that is ready for today’s requirements and is secure, flexible, and reliable enough for tomorrow’s demands. Our experience ensures we are providing you with industry-leading designs and best practices to ensure you are receiving the best, most innovative solution for your needs. 

From supporting infrastructure changes, improving controls integrations, helping with equipment modernization, or simply supporting operations and maintenance needs, Compu Dynamics can help ensure availability and support ongoing operational improvements.


Unique spaces call for unique providers. Compu Dynamics has provided services in some of the most secure, challenging, and demanding environments for our federal, state, and local government partners across North America and beyond. Our team of highly skilled professionals boasts not only top industry credentials but also the clearances required to work in such environments.

We are currently part of the following GSA Contracts:

  • Facility Maintenance and Management (03FAC), Contract Number GS-21F-0008W

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Now that you’ve seen the industries we serve, see precisely how Compu Dynamics can bring your project to life. 

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