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Case Study: Federal Agency Data Center Consolidation

In 2011, a U.S. government client retained Compu Dynamics to consolidate their data centers and deliver a more efficient and effective information technology platform.

Compu Dynamics’ comprehensive approach to consolidation planning brought all key functional players to the table from day one. This multi-disciplinary team process enabled Compu Dynamics to holistically envision all phases of the work, which not only provided a clear and complete implementation plan, but also showed the client how and where its goals would be achieved.

The client had four existing data centers scattered around various floors of its high-rise office building. Consolidation would move forward within this fully-occupied, secure work environment, bringing the client’s data centers together in one second-floor space. Constant coordination with multiple stakeholders was required to keep systems online and to maintain security protocols.

The process began with an inventory of existing assets, which is an important first step in any migration or consolidation. This enabled Compu Dynamics to determine whether certain assets had been duplicated and whether they could be repurposed or removed.

Compu Dynamics designed power, cooling, and network infrastructure systems to support the client’s current and future IT requirements. The scope of work included building a new space, modifying the fire suppression and fire alarm systems, providing new and upgraded cooling systems, providing a new larger UPS system, organizing the data center assets, and deploying a completely new high-bandwidth internal network.

The result was a 60-percent reduction in the client’s data center footprint. Compu Dynamics’ consolidation plan provided the client with the energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and related resource optimization it sought. The consolidation process was not only well managed but was completed without significant disruption to the agency’s staff and work.

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