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Compu Dynamics Helps Customers Get Energy Rebates

Energy Rebate IconSTERLING, VA— Compu Dynamics, LLC, ( a leading provider of mission-critical data center products and services, including electrical and mechanical construction, has been named an approved contractor for a Dominion Virginia Power program that offers rebates to customers who make energy-efficient upgrades.

As a participating contractor in the Dominion Virginia Power Non-Residential Energy Audit programs for Heating and Cooling Efficiency and Lighting Systems and Controls, Compu Dynamics can perform on-site energy audits, recommend energy efficiency improvements, and install or upgrade equipment to make operations more energy-efficient.

Dominion Virginia Power will then refund a portion of the project value, based on the efficiency improvements implemented, to the customer. Customers may authorize payment of the rebate to the contractor to offset the cost of upgrades.

Customers can receive rebates for installing qualifying energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment and for new and upgraded energy-efficient lighting and controls, such as occupancy sensors.

Compu Dynamics’ unique combination of data center expertise and electrical and mechanical construction experience brings a high level of value to their energy audit services.

“We’re very aware of working in the sensitive environments of data centers,” says Russell Shatuck, Compu Dynamics Operations Manager for Construction and Mechanical Services. “We look at the whole facility, then figure out how to make the improvements that can give the customer the best return on their investment, including calculating the rebate.”

Compu Dynamics is working on an energy-efficiency project aligned with CenturyLink’s global green data center commitment, helping the global cloud, colocation, hosting and network services provider decrease the energy use of two of its data centers in the Washington, D.C., market.

“We’re constantly staying up on the latest technologies and manufacturers of energy-efficient equipment and systems,” says Compu Dynamics Vice President Lee Piazza. “Partnering with Dominion Virginia Power gives us great new opportunities to put that knowledge to work to help customers improve their energy efficiency and see an even better return on their investment.”

To find out more about Compu Dynamics’ energy audit services, contact Lee Piazza,
703-796-6007, More information on the Dominion Virginia Power Non-Residential Energy Audit

About Compu Dynamics

Founded in 1982, Compu Dynamics, LLC, is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s leading providers of mission-critical infrastructure solutions and services. With more than three decades of experience, we have the skills, expertise, and track record to manage virtually every type of data center deployment, expansion, modernization, consolidation and migration — approaching each customer’s challenge strategically and offering a single source of accountability for all your data center infrastructure needs.

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