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CompuQuarterly Q1 2015

Compu Quarterly: Q1 2015
Is Your Data Center Performing At Its Best? Compu Dynamics Introduces Professional Data Center Assessments

Although colocation and cloud services are growing in popularity, it’s reported that the vast majority of all data center IT assets are still housed within private enterprise and government agency data centers. The operators of these facilities, affectionately referred to as “server huggers,” are often hesitant to make the move due to concerns about security, performance, cost, and convenience.

Compu Dynamics has provided services to thousands of those sites in the Mid-Atlantic region over the past 33 years. We’ve seen just about everything-the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly. This makes us ideally suited to offer a new Data Center Assessment service that’s designed specifically for those who operate an in-house data center.

We’ll tell you how your site compares with other facilities in the area, and we’ll identify opportunities for operational and energy savings as well as points of potential failure. If needed, we can also help you plan and implement your next data center, whether it’s in your own space or in a colo facility.

To schedule your Data Center Assessment, call Compu Dynamics at 703-796-6070, and ask for one of our Technical Consultants.

Is Your Data Center Prepared For A Zombie Invasion?

When you’re faced with downtime, data isn’t available to your customers, which generally means that business—yours and your customers’-stops. This can quickly get expensive. So whether it’s a blizzard or zombies, you’d better have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Zombie Invasion
First, take an operational risk assessment of your building and its key operating components, including its location, power generation, HVAC, critical systems, network infrastructure, security, work space, fire protection, building floors and walls, and utilities. After you’ve identified potential risks to operations, prioritize the risk scenarios (e.g., fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, vandalism) in order of severity, potential damage, and likelihood of occurrence. This will help you determine the order of your plan’s response activities, based on the situation.
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Did You Know? We’re on the GSA Schedule!

Government data center operators! You can get fast, reliable access to Compu Dynamics’ mission-critical products, services, and solutions simply by using our GSA Schedule contracts.

Since 2009, we’ve provided HVAC and electrical products and services for government clients across the country through our three GSA Schedule contracts:

  • Facility Maintenance and Management (FAC 03)
  • IT Equipment and Services (Schedule 70)
  • Buildings and Building Materials (Schedule 56)

Our Schedules are not simply for buying products. Compu Dynamics has the unique ability to provide installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair services using our trained staff of mechanical and electrical technicians. We can even staff your facility, if needed.

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We’re All About Partnerships

Compu Dynamics partners with most of the leading manufacturers in the mission-critical industry.

No matter what brand/type of equipment you have, our in-house, field-tested, factory-trained mechanical and electrical data center experts can offer plenty of options for custom, design-build solutions. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies so we can offer the right solution every time. Often, our service and installation teams are hired directly by manufacturers to ensure that their customers’ products are installed promptly, started properly, and operated efficiently over the long term.

A few of our partners include:

Compu Dynamics partners
Robin Flanigan
Employee Spotlight: Robin Flanigan

Education: Eastern Michigan University

Home town: Wyandotte, Michigan

Favorite book: The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

How long have you worked at Compu Dynamics? I came to Compu Dynamics in October 2011 during the merger with Loudoun Electric. I had just started with Loudoun in July 2011.

What’s a typical day like at Compu Dynamics? Some days are routine and some are more fast-paced—a day is never exactly what you plan. I’ve had a variety of responsibilities since I started, including accounts payable, licensing, and vehicle tracking. Currently, I mainly do payroll, some HR, accounts receivable, billing, purchase orders, job set up, contract and government billing, and research. I also help answer the door and phones, take shipments in the warehouse when necessary, and assist employees at any given time. Accounting isn’t just paying bills and handling payroll—there’s no typical day. And it continues to change as our team grows.
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