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Infinity QS Network Closet Revitalization: A Case Study

Due to recent mass migration to the cloud and an increase in colo facilities, on-premise data centers are far less common than they were just a few short years ago.  Those that remain are typically vital to their organization’s mission. For these mission critical data centers, and other on-premise facilities that serve as network closets, it’s crucial that IT infrastructure remains reliably connected to the internet to ensure uninterrupted access to cloud applications and remotely stored data.

Recently, Compu Dynamics was approached by a local manufacturing software company that was experiencing power outages in their office. These power outages caused their on-premise IT infrastructure to go offline periodically, causing significant downtime for both their employees and their customers. Compu Dynamics identified several factors causing the downtime and was able to provide a turnkey solution, which vastly improved the situation. Compu Dynamics’ solution included:

  • Right Sizing the UPS Systems
    • The company’s IT infrastructure had grown significantly. Their original design and their old UPS simply were not able to provide enough backup capability. Working with the customer, Compu Dynamics’ power profiled the environment and selected the correct UPS to provide ample overhead for today, while accounting for tomorrow’s growth.
  • Network Infrastructure Revitalization
    • Years of ad hoc server and cabling installs had caused a cabling infrastructure nightmare. When hardware or network issues would arise, the company would need to spend a significant amount of time and energy tracing cables and searching for hardware. Compu Dynamics created new rack elevations and cabling documentation, then performed a full decommissioning and re-installation of all infrastructure. Not only does the company now have up-to-date documentation and as-builds to help reduce downtime during issues, it also has additional rack capacity, providing much needed space for future physical growth.
  • Ongoing Maintenance Contract
    • Compu Dynamics also provided an ongoing power and HVAC maintenance support agreement, thereby ensuring that maintenance activities could be planned in advance. Now, when issues arise, technicians can be dispatched 24/7/365.

Compu Dynamics’ in-house experts were able to provide this software manufacturing company with a truly turnkey solution.  From working with the building engineers to tie in power and correct previously incorrect wiring, to looking for creative network and hardware solutions, Compu Dynamics worked alongside the customer to ensure their satisfaction from start to finish.

The solution discussed above is just one example of the services provided by Compu Dynamics. The company is dedicated to the optimization of critical infrastructure to allow for improved service and future growth.  Compu Dynamics offers a variety of critical power, precision cooling and network cabling solutions, as well as the planning, design, and implementation of data center migrations/relocations.

Compu Dynamics provides comprehensive services and solutions, designed to ensure that operations remain online and connected. The company has worked with numerous organizations to provide the consolidation, optimization, design, deployment, and maintenance of mission critical infrastructure. For over thirty six years, Compu Dynamics has provided services to data center facility operators, government integrators, high-tech companies, property managers, and Government agencies throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

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