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New Year – New Data Center

New Year – New Data Center

When we put the holidays behind us and begin to look at the year ahead, many of us take a little time to assess where we’ve been and where we’re going.  This is often a period of change.  Businesses are examining their 2021 budgets and trying to figure out how to make the numbers work.

This can also be a time to evaluate whether your IT systems are located where they need to be.  If not, you may be among the many who will be dealing with the expense, frustration, downtime, and complexity of an IT migration in the weeks and months ahead.  Migrations can be brought about by the natural evolution of your IT workloads and platforms.  They may also result from acquisitions, growth, consolidation needs, virtualization, SaaS implementations, changes in IT strategy, or rearranging a firm’s IT footprint.


Our Difference

Migrations are difficult to complete alone. Our team of IT migration specialists will always include a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee all activities and provide deliverables along the way. Whether you are thinking of migrating locally or globally, our team has the tools necessary to complete any kind of IT migration. Since these efforts can be expensive, our team can sometimes reduce the financial impact by offering resale services of any unwanted equipment.

Services We Provide

At Compu Dynamics, we offer full turn-key migration, consolidation, and resale services.  We can take responsibility for all project oversight, technical and non-technical labor, logistics, and transportation.  Below are a few of the benefits we offer our migration customers:

  • Complete a physical audit of current inventory/asset tracking
  • Day 1 support
  • Strategy session with Project Manager to reach client goals
  • Perform uncabling, de-installations, decommissioning, and packaging of  all IT gear and associated daughter devices
  • Arrange logistics, transport, insurance for all IT property being migrated. Asset tags are added to monitor potential damage and tamper proof locks on trucks during transport
  • Rack & stack installation services
  • Degaussing/data wipe/shredding services for all hard drives and gear with no monetary value. Our device shredding services meet both the NSA’s & EPA regulations for recycling in environmentally friendly manner. All sensitive information is safeguarded
  • Offer resale opportunity for all gear no longer needed by end-users

Contact our team today to ensure you have a smooth transition.

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