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Using Remote Hands Services During COVID-19

As countries implement restrictions on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, data centers are being included in lists of “essential infrastructure“, and staff are getting exemptions to enable them to keep facilities online. In these unprecedented times, our main priority is protecting the health of our employees and their families, as well as our customers and partners. We also know that you rely on us to help keep your business moving forward. We are pleased to report that Compu Dynamics is 100% operational and fully capable of meeting your needs. 

Compu Dynamics’ highly trained Remote Hands team has years of experience providing technical support to colocation customers and to onsite IT environments. Think of us as your extended remote IT team that gives you the same speed and reliability you expect from your onsite IT staff. Whether it’s a reoccurring site visit to replace failed hard drives or supporting an emergency outage in the middle of the night, Compu Dynamics is here to ensure that your IT environment continues to be operational.

Our office in Sterling, VA, which is the heart of “data center alley”, allows us to offer round-the-clock Remote Hands support and exceptional responsiveness, guaranteeing 24/7/365 availability.

We have advised all our field personnel to follow CDC recommendations regarding staying out of large groups, regular and thorough hand washing, limiting interpersonal contact, and staying home if they feel ill. We are monitoring developments in this situation and continually assessing and responding to changes.

Compu Dynamics is here to support your organization during these trying times. We understand that creative out of the box thinking is needed, let our seasoned team of industry professionals work with your organization to ensure its success. Contact us today to set you up with Remote Hands services.

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