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Why Might A Company Decide to Consolidate Or Relocate A Data Center?

Have you been thinking of making a change to your organization’s IT footprint recently or considering a migration but thought it too difficult a task? …

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What’s New From SC19, the International HPC Conference

In mid-November, Lee Piazza and I had the opportunity to attend an international high-performance computing (HPC) conference called SC19 (SuperComputing19), in Denver, Colorado.  In this …

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The Next Big Thing in Data Centers – Decommissioning

Two decades ago, if someone used the phrase “data center” in a sentence, the mental image would bear little resemblance to the massive 100MW+ hyperscale …

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Blowing Up Industry Standards in the Data Center Industry

The development of “standards” is a common evolutionary story in every industry.  Data centers are not unique in that respect.  If you stand in the …

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Here’s How to Handle Technology Deployments While Keeping the Other Balls in the Air

First, let’s boil this down. Why do data centers exist? Why does technology exist? It’s actually quite simple really…to meet a business need.  When those …

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Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Building and Pipes from the Polar Vortex

Don’t let this polar vortex get the best of you, be prepared for the cold with these ten ways to prepare and protect your building.  …

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