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Liquid Cooling is Coming to a Data Center Near You

By Steve Altizer, President – Compu Dynamics, LLC The future is finally here. Applications such as AI are changing the game when it comes to ...
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Infinity QS Network Closet Revitalization: A Case Study

Due to recent mass migration to the cloud and an increase in colo facilities, on-premise data centers are far less common than they were just ...
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Handling High Density Customers in Today’s Colo Environment

Most major colocation facilities today are built with pressurized raised floor cooling systems. This type of air conditioning design is similar to those that have ...
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Overhead Busway vs. RPP/Whips

You typically have two choices when it comes to the power distribution system for your data center. You can either run your cabling under a ...
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R-22 Phase Out – What it Means for Businesses

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began phasing out R-22 (Freon) due to its harmful effects to the ozone layer. Starting in 2020, the ...

UPS Failure Main Cause of Downtime

In a recent survey released by Emerson Network Power, UPS battery failure was found to be a leading source of data center downtime. A rather ...
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